Friday, July 30, 2010

Some SPACE To Grow

SPACE's organic garden, on 4th and Dravus
Brittany Raab was busy weeding and harvesting when I showed up to SPU's community garden, run by the campus club Seattle Pacific Agriculture for the Community and Environment (SPACE).  As current president of SPACE,  Brittany has spent much of her summer working in the garden, which is just over a year old.  The garden was started by Kate Steensma and Alice Vander Haak, both of whom graduated this past June.

Located on 4th and Dravus, the garden is founded on SPACE's mission to cultivate an on-campus, organic garden that brings together students and faculty members from across the University.  The emphasis is on community.  People are encouraged to visit, participate, and share in the space.  To further benefit the community, SPACE donates surplus produce to local food banks.

The garden abounds with variety, and its produce changes seasonally.  Currently there are many things growing, including strawberries, peas, carrots, and cabbage.  It is amazing that all this is growing in the middle of the city!  The SPACE garden is a shining example of urban agriculture at its finest.

If you would like to learn more about SPACE and the garden, check out their Facebook page or contact Brittany at  In the meantime, feel free to stop by and pick some produce for yourself!  Just make sure you leave some for everyone!

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