Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Renewal: Day of Prayer

Renewal is having their Day of Prayer event November 9th and you're invited to join! This year the Day of Prayer will be focused around water-related issues. This is a great opportunity for students to come together to discuss and pray on water-related issues in our own community here in Seattle. With water being so prevalent in our area, pollution into our waterways and streams is a continual problem that needs to be addressed.

One third of Washington's waters are too polluted to meet state water quality standards. When water runs off of surfaces such as roofs, pavements and highways it can collect many contaminants (fertilizer, oil, animal waste, soil, and trash) that will go untreated directly into our local waterways. About 60% of contaminants come from these sources. With the help of the community and the Department of Ecology, together we can ensure a higher quality and care for our water.

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