Thursday, February 18, 2010

Green Awakenings

Want to make a difference, but not sure where to start?  Here's a great source for ideas and inspiration:

Renewal, a student-led creation care network, recently released Green Awakenings: Stories of Stewardship and Sustainability from the Next Generation, the culmination of a 2009 research project exploring how different Christian campuses addressed the topic of environmental stewardship.  "The student generation in particular is stepping up to care for God's creation, but previously little was known about what this practically looked like on Christian campuses," said Ben Lowe, Renewal's co-coordinator.  "Our two-fold goal is to demonstrate to colleges, churches, and communities how we are working together for the renewal of God's creation, and inspire others to join us."

Not only is this report full of examples of how students across the nation are addressing the topic of creation care, the segment on the Western region of the country highlights some of the accomplishments of Seattle Pacific students.  Kudos to Kate Steensma and Alice Vander Haak, founders of Seattle Pacific Agriculture for the Community and Environment (SPACE), and Kenzie Brister, a 2009 graduate who designed a solar photovoltaic installation for Otto Miller Hall as part of her senior honors thesis, "A Greener Seattle Pacific."

I highly encourage you to check out the report.  Amidst a backdrop of doom and gloom environmental news (which, I admit, has its place), Green Awakenings is a breath of fresh air, providing both encouragement and direction for a better planet.

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