Monday, April 19, 2010

Bottled H2O: Just Say "No"

Happy Earth Week!  The Seattle Pacific Environmental Network (SPEN) is kicking things off with a day dedicated to ditching plastic, disposable water bottles.  Granted, there are places on this planet where local water sources are scarce and/or polluted and bottled water makes sense.  Just for the record, Seattle is not one of those places.  We get our water from the Cedar River watershed, consisting of 90,500 acres of protected wilderness.  From economic, health, energy, waste stream, and even taste standpoints, tap water beats bottled. 

"The Story of Bottled Water," which came out last month, does a great job of breaking down some of the problems with bottled water:

Instead of buying bottled, invest in a reusable canteen (or two) to keep in places like your car, office, and dorm, so it's always convenient to make the sustainable choice.  To avoid the chemicals sometimes found in reusable plastic bottles, consider a stainless steel one.

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